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Let’s chat about diversity in tech. It’s no secret that the tech world could use a splash more color and a bit more balance when it comes to who is at the table. According to TechReport, only about a quarter of tech jobs are held by women who are also woefully underrepresented at the highest levels of leadership where 79% of executive roles are held by men. Examining race, 62% of the IT labor force identifies as white, with a lack of representation across other ethnicities.    

RIVA by the Numbers  

At RIVA, we believe diversity is a building block of innovation. Half of our employees are women and over 40% of our management and leadership teams are female. We also believe in racial diversity –less than 40% of our employees identify as white–well below the industry average. Why do we share these numbers? Because having a diverse team is not just about checking a box; it’s about bringing in a wealth of perspectives that spark those light bulb moments – the ones that drive innovation. 


How RIVA Built a Diverse Employee Base 

Constructing a diverse team has been an intentional, strategic endeavor. How did we achieve this? It begins with our innovative approach to hiring—the RIVA way. (If you’re interested in our approach to hiring, check out our CEO’s deep dive linked above.) Rather than adhering to traditional hierarchies, we focus on finding the right fit for both skillset and customer engagement. This philosophy is rooted in our belief that a diverse team is a strong team, one that thrives on the unique backgrounds and perspectives of its members.  

We have woven diversity into the fabric of our company by prioritizing personal and professional uniqueness, ensuring that technical qualifications are met while also assessing for culture fit, and aligning new hires with our core values and team-oriented approach before their official day one. This approach has allowed us to not only fill positions but to enrich our workplace with a wide array of experiences and viewpoints. 

Continuing the Diversity Conversation 

Beyond having a diverse team, we are also investing in mechanisms to give our employees the opportunity to connect and engage in meaningful discussions about race, gender, and sexuality. This year we launched the RIVA Multicultural Network (MCN) our newest initiative to foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. We’re excited to formalize what has always been an important part of our culture and provide a safe space and platform for our employees to be their authentic selves.  

RIVA is embracing diversity in every sense of the word by building a culture that values all voices to create a better workplace and a brighter more colorful future for tech. We believe a diverse labor force isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have for a Great Place to Work. If you are interested in joining our diverse and inclusive herd, check out our open positions.  

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