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RIVA’s Senior Vice President of Growth and Strategy, Brian Bonacci, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Mike King, the Executive Vice President and Chief Growth Officer of Peraton. With a remarkable 30-year tenure in the sector, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that spans across pivotal roles, strategic acquisitions, and transformative leadership. RIVA is honored to welcome Mike as the newest member of our Advisory Board.

During the interview, Mike shares insights from his extensive career, discussing the strategic maneuvers that helped mold Peraton into a $7 billion national security powerhouse. From his early days at smaller firms to orchestrating major acquisitions and integrations at Peraton, Mike’s journey is a testament to the dynamic nature of the GovCon industry.

Mike sheds light on the cultural dynamics and leadership philosophies that have underpinned his approach to fostering growth and excellence within his teams. He also discusses what attracted him to RIVA (spoiler: it’s the alpaca), which he sees as a perfect representation of the RIVA’s company values and growth aspirations.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the industry, Mike’s experiences and perspectives offer valuable lessons in growth, innovation, and leadership. Watch the full interview below and discover how embracing change, maintaining high standards, and fostering a positive corporate culture are key to making a lasting impact in the GovCon industry.


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