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Gabrielle Bosché, CEO/Founder of The Millennial Solution and best-selling author, visited RIVA HQ during a Wednesday Team Lunch to answer our burning questions on “millennial engagement” and #govcon next-gen success.

Why does each generation lead differently?

Understand how each generation leads. While one generation sees something as a strength, the other sees it as a weakness. Some examples:

  • Gen X are extremely independent. They live and die by their checklists. Gex X would rather work alone to get things done right, then try to explain what needs to be done. 
  • Millennials prefer working together. They like groups and collaboration. They make collaborative decisions together because they need insight and input on the work they are doing. 

Why does each generation project their own experience vs. understand another’s point of view? 

Understand to connect with each generation. Take a moment to understand the people around you – their unique experience, perspective, passion, and story. Once you understand them, it will be a lot easier to connect, manage, and lead them to success. 

How can Millennials collaborate without disrespecting coworkers’ time?

Help Millennials refine their communication. It’s okay to ask clarifying and collaborative questions but show elder colleagues you respect their time. These questions might help:

  • How do you communicate? How do you want information delivered to you?
  • Do you prefer to call, email, or text? 

How each generation define loyalty?

Recognize the facts: data proves our Millennials last 11 months in a job. Only 11 months! You heard it here. While boomers equate loyalty with longevity, Millennials tie loyalty to passion for work and for the people they work with on a daily basis. Prevent high turnover by helping this workforce find on-the-job passion and purpose.

In a multi-gen workforce, how can I help others find this passion and purpose?

Who knew? There’s a formula for it. Gabby and her team showed us the “Purpose Finder Formula” that calculates a person’s natural talent, learning skill sets, passion, and their story (NT + LS +P) x S) to help one find their purpose. 

This formula needs some context. So here’s what you need to know:

  • Natural Talent (NT) is inherent. You’re born with it.  
  • Learned Skill (LS) is something you can be taught at school or something you can teach yourself. 
  • Passion is often the hardest to discover. Think a problem in the world you want to solve or something you’re  willing to sacrifice for…
  • Story is your life-defining experience that made you who you are today… 

We’re excited to apply Gabby’s next-gen management techniques to set our Millenials up for govcon success. How have you overcome the generational gap? Tell us your challenges and how you helped others find purpose and passion in Federal contracting. 

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