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RIVA Solutions, Inc was awarded a prime contract to provide analytical and management for the National Science Foundation Joint (NSF) Office of Integrative Activity (OIA) in Alexandria, Va.

Together with partner Insight Policy Research, RIVA will plan, design, conduct, and communicate the results of surveys, experiments, pilots, analyses, and other studies related to NSF’s merit review process. RIVA will collect and examine data from NSF administrative systems, principal investigators, reviewers and NSF staff to assess NSF’s merit review process, pilot activities, and customer satisfaction. RIVA will build on the success of the merit review program, examining opportunities for robotic process automation (RPA), enhanced use of administrative data sets and data visualization tools, and communication strategies for sharing the results of this important work. 

According to Vice President of Client Delivery, Jennifer Folsom, “We are extremely excited to continue growing organically within NSF and expanding our presence into the OIA. RIVA is passionate about supporting the NSF mission and this is an incredible opportunity to bring innovation to the merit review process.

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