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RIVA Solutions, Inc was awarded a prime contract to provide front-line customer service support for the United States Patent and Trademark Office Contact Center (UCC) at the Department of Commerce (DOC) in Arlington, Va.

RIVA will offer a complete range of customer service for United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) customers by providing the capability to measure, understand, and control the delivery of customer service to meet the evolving needs of the USPTO’s customers. RIVA will also provide the capability for the UCC to work with the other USPTO contact centers to foster efficient use of knowledge and resources in the delivery of USPTO information and services. Lastly RIVA will provide detailed information to allow the USPTO to control customer service and information dissemination costs.

According to Director of Business Development, Justin Fleshman, “RIVA has played a strategic role at USPTO for a couple of years and we are honored to continue to strengthen and further the agency’s mission in securing intellectual property.”

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