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RIVA Solutions, Inc was awarded a $49.5 million Blanket Purchase Agreement to provide Drupal web development services for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) DAITO IO/Departmental Administration Information Technology Office (DAITO).

USDA provides leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, and related issues based on sound public policy and efficient management. In order to further their mission, USDA specified a need to consolidate and enhance existing web content management capabilities to support current and future needs of their constituents. RIVA will provide a robust and dynamic solution for a customer-centered experience that will directly aid agricultural workers across the nation. To support this contract RIVA is onboarding a cohort of new hires that will bring subject matter expertise, create exceptional value, and push the boundaries of digital innovation. This contract award solidifies RIVA’s place as a premier Drupal partner to the Federal government. We look forward to advancing the modernization of USDA’s web presence and creating an unparalleled customer-centric experience.  

“As a long-time USDA partner, we are excited to be part of their acceleration of Drupal web development services,” said Chief Technical Officer, Raj Dasgupta. “This effort truly supports USDA’s  goal of being a fact-based, data-driven, customer-centric agency. The impact of this customer-focused web modernization effort will directly support farmers, ranchers, and producers across the country.”

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