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RIVA will implement Radian6, a web-based Social Media Monitoring and Engagement platform, to monitor conversations around the ASPA portfolio of 40+ public-facing HHS websites. As a result, their Digital Communications Division (DCD) can get to know their vast target audience of website users, learn more about what they are saying online, and analyze how users feel by monitoring, tracking, and measuring overall engagement.

RIVA will provide ASPA with the capability to look at specific websites of interest through the unique lens of social media. According to RIVA Business Development Manager, Farrell O’Neill“We are honored to support ASPA DCD, a leader in the federal social media movement, to support a public affairs mission that is tied to the Federal Digital Strategy and rooted in social media.”

In addition, RIVA will act as a Digital Program Management Office (PMO) to coordinate product-training resources as ASPA’s first point of contact. RIVA provides full reach-back to Social Media Strategists specializing in the research, planning, development, and implementation of federal social media programs.

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