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RIVA Solutions Inc. was awarded a $7.6M 5-year contract supporting the US Navy’s Clinical Preceptor Program (CPP) in partnership with Social Solutions International. This contract supports 55 locations including land-based and afloat naval forces nationwide and overseas.

The US Navy offers evidence-based treatment delivered by culturally competent counselors who come from within the ranks, choosing to train as alcohol and drug counselors. The CPP contract supports the professional development of these sailor-counselors as they graduate from the Navy Drug and Alcohol Counselor School as intern counselors and build their skills to become certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors.  Advanced degreed and experienced clinical supervisors, known as Clinical Preceptors, deliver hands-on skill development and continuing education to Navy counselors.

As the Team RIVA partner responsible for Preceptor services, Social Solutions has assembled a highly experienced team of program managers and 36 Clinical Preceptors to deliver the CPP contract. Clinical Preceptors serve at Navy Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Programs around the globe and support counselors on twelve aircraft carriers. They utilize their expertise in clinical supervision and treatment of substance use disorders to provide didactic training, skill development practice, and clinical skill supervision that ensures Navy alcohol and drug counselors provide quality patient care.

Team RIVA brings extensive experience providing program management, counselor training, and Clinical Preceptorship services to the DOD and is honored to support such an important mission helping improve health and wellness of service members nationwide and abroad.

About Social Solutions International, Inc.

Founded in 2005, Social Solutions International, Inc. is a woman-owned, full-service consulting firm dedicated to improving the health and well-being of underserved populations worldwide. A mission-driven organization founded on the values of diversity, social responsibility, and quality; Social Solutions has been named a top-performing USAID woman-owned business.

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