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RIVA’s Commitment to Guard Nation

2020 saw the largest domestic deployment of the National Guard since Hurricane Katrina, with the most total Guard soldiers activated since WWII. The U.S. deployed the Guard to support COVID-19 testing sites across the country, along with many logistical and medical support missions. With an active hurricane season underway and fires raging on the west coast, the Guard’s role has never been more important. RIVA is honored to support the National Guard in keeping Americans safe.

In support of our community of current and former Guard members, RIVA embodies the Guard motto: “Always Ready, Always There!” Unlike other military branches, the Guard relies heavily on part-time volunteer soldiers, serving all 50 states, 3 territories, and the District of Columbia. RIVA is privileged to support the Guard Nation on three active contracts with the Army National Guard (ARNG), and one contract with the Air National Guard. On our recently awarded Guardian Angel contract, RIVA provides on-the- ground scheduling support for the Air Guard’s 103rd Rescue Squadron paratroopers on base in Westhampton Beach, NY, as well as leadership, logistics, and training support.

The National Guard Bureau (NGB) is one of our flagship customers. RIVA supports multiple divisions within the Chief, National Guard Bureau Joint Action Control Office (JACO) and the Director of Staff, Staff Action Control Office. Our staff work with the Guard’s senior leaders in two locations, the Herbert R. Temple Army National Guard Readiness Center and The Pentagon. Using the principles of Lean Six Sigma, our team is streamlining communication, training, business processes, and technology within JACO and the greater NGB. Future improvements to the Task Management Tool system supported by our team will enable NGB to quicken response times and ensure mission success.

On our ARNG Logistics Integration Support contract, we are the subject matter experts who plan and execute mission-essential meetings, working groups, symposiums and other logistical forums. RIVA works with ARNG’s Strategic Plans and Initiatives Branch to develop, analyze, and implement the goals of the Army Campaign Plan, Army National Guard Campaign Plan, and the Sustainment Readiness Model.

Our third ARNG Contract is the Mission Command Training Support Program. RIVA supports the ARNG through mobile training teams based at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas and Camp Dodge, Iowa. As part of mission simulation support teams, we help the commanders train their units, and enable success in the Guards’ Unified Land Operations.

Times of crisis highlight the importance of institutions like the National Guard. Whether fighting a pandemic, battling forest fires, responding to threats overseas, or preparing communities for hurricanes, the Guard stands ready to respond to emergencies that threaten our country. As Guard soldiers perform life saving missions like distributing PPE, medical supplies, and food to communities impacted by COVID-19, RIVA is honored to provide scalable support for ever-changing mission needs. As RIVA grows and the Guard is faced with new challenges, we look forward to continuing to support the brave individuals who serve our country as soldiers in the National Guard.

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