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RIVA Solutions, Inc was awarded a subcontract to provide mission training complex capabilities support (MTCCS) to the United States Army National Guard (ARNG) in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas and Camp Dodge, Iowa.

RIVA will support simulations for large, multi-echelon training exercises and smaller scale, Headquarters-only exercises. Our qualified technical personnel will install, operate, integrate, and troubleshoot communications. In addition, they will configure applications, establish network addresses and connections, and monitor and analyze system performance. These models and simulations will be incorporated into exercises to provide realistic and in-depth training environments to the training audience.

Jennifer Folsom, Vice President of Client Delivery at RIVA notes, “As a strategic partner to Valiant Global Defense Services, Inc., we look forward to bringing our skills, knowledge, and passion to enhance training for members of the Army National Guard, who serve our communities through their many diverse missions.”

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