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Naveen Krishnamurthy is an accomplished two-time business owner and CEO. Since founding RIVA years ago, Naveen has worked to define a culture that inspires employees to achieve unimaginable personal and professional development. While focused on results and accountability, Naveen is better known for his out-of-the-box and disruptive thinking. Through social media, he shares real-time vision with his team and the community, demanding and inspiring action that betters government.

His passionate leadership style has earned him opportunities to work on high-profile Federal programs, speak on executive leadership panels, support nonprofit boards, mentor small businesses, and earn industry accolades — most notably, the prestigious Fed 100.

After earning a triple degree and master’s in business administration (MBA) from the University of Maryland, Naveen established himself in Silicon Valley during the dot-com era. He spent the next twenty years navigating large business Federal contracting, working for industry giants like Booz Allen Hamilton and CACI International, Inc.

Naveen is always learning and exploring. He learns through teaching and mentoring others. He taps the power of perspective by traveling to new places. A loyal Washington Capitals fan, Naveen is raising the next generation of Caps kids through daughter, Mia, and son, Rohan.